Let us help you choose the perfect sized string ensemble for your event. Below are descriptions of the various ensembles we can put together.

String Quartet

A string quartet is composed of two violins, viola and cello and provides a rich, full sound. The string quartet is a great all around ensemble and will add a very special touch to any event, large and small, both inside or outdoors. We highly recommend this ensemble for your wedding ceremony or reception!

String Trio

A string trio is composed of a violin, viola and cello and provides a full sound similar to the quartet. This ensemble is a nice alternative to the string quartet.

String Duet

A string duet can be composed of a violin and cello or two violins and provides a light sound that is appropriate for more intimate settings.

String Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Any of our musicians can provide solo music accompanied by a pianist for your special event. A soloist is recommended for very small indoor events.

Solo Instrument

For very small and intimate events, any of our musicians can provide solo music for your special event.


Perfect for cocktail hours and special functions, our male vocalist and guitarist will provide the perfect back ground music.


Looking for a male or female vocalist to sing a song special to you? We have worked with several local vocalists by accompanying them. Truly a unique and beautiful combination.